girlie guide.

we have officially entered into the double digits of december and I know a lot of you are worried about what to get your girlfriend/sister/mother/best friend, etc. You could carve out seconds of your day to grab a gift card or hit up the mall, but a gift should be personal and thought out. I know what your thinking..."but that takes so much time and effort". Don't fret because i've put together an etsy/papersnitch gift guide with items for all price ranges and most styles. Take a look at this list and you'll definitely find something for that hard to buy for girlfriend or a mother who seemingly has everything. Any of these gifts would also work for an all girl gift exchange or friend who replies "I don't know!" to the infamous "what do you want for chirstmas?" question. I hope you enjoy my selections and, more importantly, I hope it solves a looming gift dilemma.







Hurry, these are buy one get one free right now and the shop sells a number of super cute prints. perfect for on a headband, on your purse, belt, and even shoes!




Persephone Vintage is one of my favorite Etsy shops! They have lots of great stuff.


You get to choose your print from the images! I like the ferris wheel and the birdie the best.






This is an acceptable version of the snuggie. doesn't it look so comfy!?



If you really want to splurge grab the top below and the tights above and you're on your way to a great outfit!




I totally give you permission to buy yourself a lovely gift from the list. Go ahead, you deserve it!

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