sweet tee.

I've been taking a beginner's sewing class and now that I have control of the sewing machine I feel empowered to take on as many projects as possible. Here's my latest creation. I hope you meep it!


plain (yep, in my) white tee (v-neck, my favorite)
old t-shirts in cute colors
needle and thread
sewing machine

Sorry for the horrible photos. My iphone is the only way I can share this cuteness even if the pictures look like crap. (hopefully, in a few weeks, that won't be a problem anymore. wink,wink mom.) I used an online tutorial, as well as an instructional video to help me make the flowers. When starting this project I really didn't think it would be that challenging....but oh how I was wrong. The flowers are a lot harder than you might think and quite time consuming. It takes some practice, but I'm not a perfectionist and sort of enjoyed that my flowers weren't perfect. The good news is, once the flowers were formed (finally) sewing them on and sewing the back heart detail was a easy-peasy.

I used a pair of my boyfriend's old scrubs in green to make the leaves and I sewed those on with my machine first. Next I used the needle and thread to first sew the flowers together and then to the shirt. (Make sure you measure this out before actually sewing. You want your leaves and flowers to overlap a bit. I used an ink pen to make the placement and was sure to cover it while sewing.) There's no reason to be exact here...making sure they stay is really all that matters. I recommend using a pretty thin needle if you're using old t-shirt material. Next I cut out the heart and sewed it on the back of the tee with my machine. I added this because I thought it needed something extra, but you can choose whatever shapes, colors, styles to go with. If you do take time to tackle this project, please send me a picture!

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