so one of my favorite bloggers, whose site I check religiously, is having a fun giveaway that requires you to submit your best red, white, and blue outfit. The best one wins a whole bunch of cute prizes, and I really hope I get it. If you have a submission click the link above and get in on it, but hurry the deadline is quickly approaching.

so getting to the main part of my story....I love Indiana's style, sense of humor,...pretty much everything. Her blog deserves a bookmark so go do that immediately. I was excited to enter the contest and spent some time deciding if I should put a new outfit together or just use the outfit I actually wore on independence day. I finally decided to enter the contest using my actual outfit and sent her an e-mail with the link and my info. Less than a day later I received this:

Thank you so much for your RWB submission! I love how you tied up the
hem of your maxi. I'll have to try that this summer! And hahaha- your
PBR shot is awesome! :0)


When I read this I about had a heart attack. She sent me an e-mail!! wow!!! I know that maybe this is borderline crazy.....almost as bad as a girl crying at a 98 Degrees concert, but not quite. I realize that she's just a cool girl I happen to stalk through the internet, but I thought it was AWESOME of her to take the time to send a reply.

Now's the time to go to her website, Adored Austin, and enter to win! The prizes are fabulous and maybe you'll even get a personal shout out from the blogger herself.

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