so this has been my favorite song for the past six months. the video is pretty cool too. enjoy.


so today, in attempts to be productive instead of watching youtube videos all day, i decided to jazz up a plain jane jersey dress that i bought from target years ago. 

i used a tie my boyfriend wore only once to my sister's wedding. here's the before picture...

i had the sew it on by hand because the folds were too thick to fit under the foot of my sewing machine. the stitches look pretty crazy up close but all in all i think it looks pretty cool. 

hooray for me!!


so this is my favorite band in the world. they came to Memphis once and i was more excited than any grown-up should be. they cancelled the show. i wish they were playing bonnaroo. bad, bad moods can be cured with just one song. here's a song off their newest album.  


so i found this on etsy. so cute. would have been quite useful for a halloween costume i put together a few years ago...but honestly i'd wear this ALL the time. i want it.  

Hello Cupcake Hairbow by the cupcakery 



so i'm a super fan of many "look at what i wore today" blogs and flickr feeds (my favorites here and here). I'm completely amazed at what some women manage to put together in the morning and still get to work on time. it also inspires me to put more effort into what i wear, which is great because i love playing dress up.

last night i went out to a bar to see my wonderful, talented boyfriend's band play. they did an awesome job and it was so much fun. i'm posting what i wore to the show here because i was pretty proud of it. mad props to my man for helping me with the ensemble. he always gives me honest assessments when i ask for outfit advice, which is something i love about him. i'm pretty sure one time i asked for advice on a particular outfit and he responded "you look like you're from Russia." point taken, time to change.

there's really no way i can commit to sharing every outfit i wear...nor do i want to for fear of the  shame it would bring. (some days i simply put no effort into getting dressed) but i like the idea of having all the really cool stuff i put together here so i can access it (for those days when i'm standing in my closet naked with all the clothes i own on the floor around me on the verge of tears screaming I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR).  

Scoop back top by Mixie  

Jumper Dress by Free People via TJM

Purple Suede Booties by Nine West via TJM

Vintage Necklace (once belonged to my great grandmother)

Black Sparkle Purse via thrift


hello cute!


so guess what i got in the mail yesterday?? omg i can't wait!




so i want this. i don't know where it would go but i think it is pretty cute. 


one of my favorite parts from one of my favorite movies. oh, if only i had lived in '80s.
video: dailymotion.com



so today i noticed it. the dreaded side affect of living in a city with enough humidity in the summer to suffocate a perfectly healthy person. i was sweating while doing nothing. i immediately began mentally preparing myself for the months ahead....but it doesn't seem to make a difference. my continuous craving for ice cream and the feeling of wanting to take all my clothes off in a public place (because you're so hot and sweaty, come on) has come back into my everyday life. summer does excite me because that usually means vacation time...which is my favorite time of the year. vacation = beach = bikini!! in my current state i'm not fit to wear one in public, but i'm on my way. 

i loved ashley paige even before her stupid reality show (which i thought was great). I no longer have cable so i'm really unsure if it is still out there, but i'm positive i was the only person who watched it. here are a few of my favorites go to the website and look at them all!     ashleypaige.com


I found this in the fashion section of thecoolhunter.com. I'm not sure which season this is from, but i love it. oh Chanel...you can always make me happy!



a few things i will always love.

i need this.
one of my favorite s&tc outfits.
Gucci fanny pack. I want this forever.



i took a class is college called Introduction to Home Furnishings. while this may sound mildly boring and like a really easy A, it was nothing of the sort. i actually learned things i didn't already know, which was a welcomed change from most of the other class i had been forced to enroll in. i now know more about light bulbs than i care to admit, but i definitely have more of an interest in (and appreciation for) home furnishings and interior design. so, because of this, i have a few (and by a few i mean 15-20) furniture websites that i frequent for perusing. while some of the clothing i lust after is expensive, most of the furniture i adore has a price tag higher than 30% of the population's yearly income. 

there is a certain furniture website that i love called Vivavi. all of the furniture is eco-friendly and super modern. they come no where close to ikea-esque pricing, but the pieces are beautiful (and fully assembled upon purchase). Here are a few things from their site that i dream about at night.   



so i'm pretty much in a committed relationship with the store anthropologie. it was love at first sight and i haven't looked back since. i must credit my stylish sister for the introduction. there is not actually a store in my city so i'm forced to be a slave to their website. i must admit that i spend countless hours looking at it. i don't feel it is a waste of my time and i'm almost one hundred percent sure that i'm not alone with this hobby. so, as of late, anthropologie has had a lot to offer and i'm going to post all of my favorites here...as well as a few of their visual displays...which are always mind blowing. if you hate cute clothes (you're stupid) you should at least pass by the store and glimpse at their windows.  

i always need another pair of sunglasses.
cute hoodie. would be cute over below. 
i heart this swimsuit. see below.
i love this. this high waist, the ruffles, the color. reminds me of the suit she wore in the notebook.
i might wear this belt everyday. i lovelovelove bows.
amazing shower curtain. i lovelovelove ruffles. 
pretty pillow.
chandelier so beautiful. for my house in venice.
such a cool sofa. for my nyc loft in soho.
this hobo bag reminds me of the circus.
jumper with pockets!! 
michelle obama would wear this skirt.
perfect skirt.
love the color and shape of this top.
perfect summer tank. skinny jeans and red heels. 
This tank look so comfortable.
i love the colors on this dress. in the summer time i live in dresses and i like to find ones that i can dress up and down. this would look really cute with white pumps.