so i'm a super fan of many "look at what i wore today" blogs and flickr feeds (my favorites here and here). I'm completely amazed at what some women manage to put together in the morning and still get to work on time. it also inspires me to put more effort into what i wear, which is great because i love playing dress up.

last night i went out to a bar to see my wonderful, talented boyfriend's band play. they did an awesome job and it was so much fun. i'm posting what i wore to the show here because i was pretty proud of it. mad props to my man for helping me with the ensemble. he always gives me honest assessments when i ask for outfit advice, which is something i love about him. i'm pretty sure one time i asked for advice on a particular outfit and he responded "you look like you're from Russia." point taken, time to change.

there's really no way i can commit to sharing every outfit i wear...nor do i want to for fear of the  shame it would bring. (some days i simply put no effort into getting dressed) but i like the idea of having all the really cool stuff i put together here so i can access it (for those days when i'm standing in my closet naked with all the clothes i own on the floor around me on the verge of tears screaming I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR).  

Scoop back top by Mixie  

Jumper Dress by Free People via TJM

Purple Suede Booties by Nine West via TJM

Vintage Necklace (once belonged to my great grandmother)

Black Sparkle Purse via thrift

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