i took a class is college called Introduction to Home Furnishings. while this may sound mildly boring and like a really easy A, it was nothing of the sort. i actually learned things i didn't already know, which was a welcomed change from most of the other class i had been forced to enroll in. i now know more about light bulbs than i care to admit, but i definitely have more of an interest in (and appreciation for) home furnishings and interior design. so, because of this, i have a few (and by a few i mean 15-20) furniture websites that i frequent for perusing. while some of the clothing i lust after is expensive, most of the furniture i adore has a price tag higher than 30% of the population's yearly income. 

there is a certain furniture website that i love called Vivavi. all of the furniture is eco-friendly and super modern. they come no where close to ikea-esque pricing, but the pieces are beautiful (and fully assembled upon purchase). Here are a few things from their site that i dream about at night.   

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