i'm going on vacation with my sweetheart in a few weeks. i seriously can't wait. i find myself daydreaming about the beach, huge fruity drinks, the red bar, general relaxation, and cute romantic moments that i simply just can't wait for. in preparation for this trip i've been searching for a new swimsuit. they are SO expensive. i could buy a new dress (that's not on sale) or i could get 1/2 of a swimsuit. it is just so crazy to me that anyone could charge $80.00 for what is essentially a pair of glorified panties that you are allowed to wear in public. i might just skip buying a new suit this year because of the crazy prices....but here are a few things that i wish i could take with me! i might spring for the $10 sunglasses (Channeling Chanel Sunglasses - super fake and super cheap!)...but otherwise i'll probably save most of my hard earned cash for fun while we are there.



so i haven't been getting to sleep as early as i'd like lately which leads to mindless hours of internet usage. the other night i put that time to good use (and by good use i mean a basic waste of late night time) and scanned through the skirts for sale at etsy.com. I came across some really interesting stuff and i do mean interesting good/cute/brilliant as well as interesting scary/crappy/strange. I appreciate everyone's right to their own creative free will, but let me just say that some people are simply wasting their time. maybe that seems harsh but that's how it goes.

on a less bitchy note i found some really cool stuff...all of which i'd love to have. i'm beginning to think that buying clothes in actual stores is a little bit overrated when there are so many talented people on the internet trying to make a little money plus you never have to worry about showing up to a party/bar/shindig and having the same shirt on as the one person there that annoys you more than anyone else. so anyways here are all the lovely finds.

i really need a cute swimsuit for vacation but after this post maybe i can just wear cute skirts on the beach.



so, so cool. it costs almost $2,000.00, but if you consider that you are getting a clutch and jewelry...plus you don't have to pack mace when you carry this cute little thing.



so i'd like to thank the fashion gods for this one. my prayers have been answered. i love this woman. i love her ruthlessness, her never changing hair style, the sheer, raw power she has over everything that is clothing in this country and many, many others. seeing this movie will put me one step closer to completing a life quest. i've always wanted to meet her, no, study her. this documentary is as close as i'm going to get. (for now at least)



i found this awesome etsy shop with some really cute prints. i really love the old-fashioned look plus the bright colors. check out Roll & Tumble Press if you like what you see.


cutest/sweetest/most romantic/meepest thing ever. enjoy.



so about a month ago i went thrifting in search of the perfect birthday dress. yes i could always go to forever 21 and pick out something (tight budget these days) but i wanted something with character i.e. something vintage.

in one of the stores i found the most beautiful vintage dress ever. it was floor length and had long sleeves, but i could see a lot of potential. i tried it on and it fit but the $20 price tag seemed a little much for a used dress that i would need to have altered. the shopping day came to an end and i was still empty handed.

i couldn't stop thinking about it. this beautiful, overpriced vintage dress. after a week of trying to remove it from my brain i went back for it. i went in on half price day without even knowing it and got the dress for $10 (and the clerk told me that the dress had been in the store for six months and started out with a $100 price!). she added the icing to my cake and i became so relieved that i went back to claim it.

i wasn't able to get very good before pictures because i was at the alteration place when i realized that i had forgotten to take them. the dress is a nude color with a sheer overlay of some very interesting sparkle fabric. you really have to see it in person to get it. these pictures don't really do it justice. i had the dress shortened and the sleeves removed. it ended up looking perfect and i liked it even more after the changes were made.

i wore this dress to my wonderful birthday dinner. my boyfriend gave me some beautiful jewelry that was perfect with my dress (more on that in a later post). i hope that i can keep this dress forever. enjoy!



i carried the banana republic velour clutch

one of my fav pair of shoes: white lulu guinness heels with gold polka dots





super sweet update to come tomorrow.

photo credit: le love.



omg sanrio opened a new flagship store in nyc. sanrio luxe. if i had enough spare cash to buy a plane ticket, i'd already be at the terminal....all to just step inside this beautiful little place. ahh, sanrio is always after my heart.

plastic island.

so, i recently discovered an amazing clothing line called Plastic Island. their stuff is super functional but still a little edgy and i pretty much love everything they have on their site right now. go there and look at all the pretty things. surprisingly a shop in my city actually carries this line. will check that store out asap.

looks from Fall 2009 collections

looks from Spring 2009 collection



so i really didn't do much for the holiday yesterday, but i did put together a patriotic outfit. i mean why not? my boyfriend made some delicious grilled chicken and we drank some beer. i hung with some friends for a while. i ate too much candy and feel asleep pretty early. all in all it was a great day. check it out.

Belt from thrift store.

hands down my favorite pair of shoes. i've had them forever and got them at a super sale price. they are comfortable and loud. i will wear these shoes until i die.

dress from old navy
(i tied it up because it's a little too long and it was pretty hot outside)
bracelets from my sis for x-mas and H&M

by the way...i don't usually sport this much cleavage, but god bless america, right?!



so i've always had an interesting obsession with japan: the culture, the food, the fashion, etc. sanrio originated there, so maybe that's what started it. i've always wanted to take a trip there, and i will someday, but until then i use the internet to satiate my obsession.

here are some looks from recent collections of my favorite japanese designers. there is something to be said about japanese fashion. they live in a different world. trends are important, but there are so many people there who choose to create their own style and express themselves through clothing, which i admire immensely. the designers from japan also drum to a different beat. the colors, looks, fabrics, and draping techniques are brilliant. many of the looks can't be translated into an "american style" so it often get overlooked, but i think the creativity and beauty generated by japanese designers is so much more imaginative and exciting. while i think all fashion designers are artists in some way, japanese designers may be more artist than designer, in my opinion at least.

i frequent a website called style-arena.jp. this website features trends, street styles, and store bios from different areas of japan. i could spend years just looking through all of the interesting stuff they have complied. some of store bios are written in japanese, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are a few pictures of some stores i've found on that website that i must visit before i die. again, the creativity and the affinity for individualism just touches my heart. maybe i was born in the wrong country, maybe i just need to learn the language and relocate.

Women's clothing store SOL

Vintage/Antique store CARBOOTS

Antique Boutique called Grimoire

(p.s. click the link in the store name to see a few more pictures, trust me, you want to see this. one picture just can't do them justice.)