so that other day while browsing etsy i decided to do one of my random, one word searches. since doing my senior project (see below) i've been intrigued by nature-themed items: birds, vines, leaves, etc. my search brought up over 1,000 items and i looked through almost every single one. I found some pretty cool/cute stuff.

You know what would make my heart melt? if etsy opened up an ikea-esque store. giant and full of handmade, original stuff. of course the location would never, ever be Memphis but i don't plan on staying here forever and relocating because of shopping seems highly reasonable. it's probably best that it doesn't exist though. i'd probably go into cardiac arrest from just walking into this fictitious store. that tends to happen when there's a cute overload.

if you experience this side effect please read this post carefully. i don't need anyone killing over at their computer because of the etsy brilliance i'm about to share with you here. just breathe!

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