i'm going on vacation with my sweetheart in a few weeks. i seriously can't wait. i find myself daydreaming about the beach, huge fruity drinks, the red bar, general relaxation, and cute romantic moments that i simply just can't wait for. in preparation for this trip i've been searching for a new swimsuit. they are SO expensive. i could buy a new dress (that's not on sale) or i could get 1/2 of a swimsuit. it is just so crazy to me that anyone could charge $80.00 for what is essentially a pair of glorified panties that you are allowed to wear in public. i might just skip buying a new suit this year because of the crazy prices....but here are a few things that i wish i could take with me! i might spring for the $10 sunglasses (Channeling Chanel Sunglasses - super fake and super cheap!)...but otherwise i'll probably save most of my hard earned cash for fun while we are there.

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