so for my senior project i had to create a business plan for a unique business or service. I decided to "start" an upscale eco-friendly women's boutique. i'm not going to spell out the entire one hundred pages of brilliance (come on, it's my blog. i'm allowed to say that) here, but if you really want to read it you can send me a message (ha, right). so to skip to the point i named the store Uzuri, which is the swahili word for beauty (which i realize makes no sense to you, but if you read the plan you'd get it). as a part of the one hundred million things we had to do to complete the senior project process, we were required to make/create an advertising specialty that reflected our business. advertising specialty is a fancy way of saying-- plaster your name on frisbees and t-shirts and coffee mugs, etc. think insurance company. we were required to actually create these and bring them in for submission to the teacher, not just draw a picture or write out a lengthy section detailing the plans.

since i decided to start an eco-friendly business i went with re-useable shopping bags. to jazz it up i added a booklet that had "10 easy tips for going green" and some tea. but the point of this explanation is i was quite proud of what i came up with as the end result. i worked on these with my grandma, we made five of them. i decided to really commit to the whole recycling thing and used fabric that had been originally used as a blanket....and then curtains... and then a table cloth...and now the bags. check it out.

the picture at the top is a visual display we were required to create. it had to reflect the theme and feel of the store but it also had to fit into a super tiny space. i sketched it a million times before i came up with something i was satisfied with. thanks to my boytoy (he will KILL me for that) for painting the name and tagline on that sweet piece of wood i found. it says: uzuri: a fashionable environment. i thought that was pretty cute. i had fun doing this but the worst part of the visual display was carrying all that junk across the university of memphis campus. (take a second look at the table cloth, recognize the fabric??)

all in all i really enjoyed this project (even though i spent my entire spring break finishing it) and i feel like i learned a lot from it. someday i'd love to actually bring this store to life. i worked too hard on this project not to.

(yes i took these pictures with my phone in a bathroom stall. i was about to turn it in so it was very last minute)

(bag with booklet and tea)



so one of my favorite places to shop online is neimanmarcus.com. they have everything, and by everything i mean lots of expensive stuff i want. so i compiled a huge list of jewelry that i want from their site and decided it would be fun to add it all up and see just how much it would cost me to actually call all of this stuff my own. keep in mind i pretty much can't afford even one thing from this list...but it's fun to dream.

so that's the bulk of it. i mean really i could go on forever because honestly i wouldn't mind having all of the jewelry they have. it's just so beautiful!! the grand total....


wow. how cool would it be to drop forty thousand on jewelry?? i can only imagine how giddy i'd be after a purchase of this magnitude!


Tube Top from Express
Skirt from American Apparel
Shoes from Aldo

Black Bangle from ??
Thrifted white bag

Pearl Clusters from Target

I really really wanted to wear my braided black belt with this but i could not find it anywhere. i looked everywhere, creating a sizable mess in the process. once i gave up i almost changed into a completely different outfit but decided that i wasn't going to let an accessory have that much control. so i braved the night beltless.

there were like six different really skilled break dancers there. it was so cool.

some of the art was super sweet....some of the art was super random.

I loved this.

so last night i went to a red bull party at an art gallery downtown. it was super fun and they had an awesome dj from ATL playing some songs i haven't thought about in years. i love when you go to a party and you hear all kinds of old jams you've forgotten about. it makes dancing that much more fun. he also played a sick michael jackson remix and i shed a little tear but danced my ass off to them in the king's honor.

the owner of the gallery rolled up and started acting a fool so we had to get out of there pretty quick but all in all it was a fun night. (and i got to get dressed up which is always a win for me)


game over.

Mini Cooper by TCH Platinum

Does the Mrs. PacMan version come in pink?


these Chanel gladiators are so hard to find. i'm pretty sure you have to be karl lagerfeld's personal muse to get a pair. don't worry, that's on my list of things to do.
(i've posted this on my blog before, but i want this that bad and i won't stop wanting until it's mine!)

i have been super busy with work and life in general that i really have neglected my blog. here's a few things that i want really bad right now. i'm going to wear some thing super fierce out tonight so i'll post that tomorrow! also, i haven't been shopping in about one hundred years so i need to focus on making that happen.



anyone who can pull off grunge in the afternoon and couture at night is ok in my book.

so i'm totally obsessed with mary kate and ashley olsen. i loved full house and all their stupid sing along movies when i was younger, but then they grew up and so did i. they pretty much live the life i want: fashion shows, designing lines, writing books, glam to the nth degree type of stuff.

i'd honestly probably trade meeting them for mary kate's entire wardrobe....but sitting down for coffee for an hour would be just as rewarding! i've always wanted to get a job at a fashion magazine for just one reason....getting to interview them! so lame. it's just that good! both of them have amazing style and taste (and they look like they have a lot of fun!)


so as i've said before i don't have a favorite designer (unless you hold a gun to my head). i enjoy looking at everything from everyone. i can appreciate pieces i'd never wear....fabrics, colors, trends....all that keeps my obsession going outside of cute outfits.

resort 2010 is rolling in and usually i'm sadly disappointed but this year i saw a lot of really brilliant stuff. like Stella McCartney. Colors, fabrics, draping. it's all beautiful. i also enjoy the odd props used in this photo shoot. balloons, blow-up chairs, and dinosaurs?? i've put a few (and by few i mean all) of my favorites here but do yourself a favor and go to style.com and see the whole collection. your eyes will thank you.

i would live in this.

yellow and gold together is a good thing.

i need to take this to the beach.

perfect colors.

retro. bubble. comfy.

yes i would wear this in public.

i need this outfit now.