so last summer i read a book called the omnivore's dilemma by michael pollan. at that time i was still somewhat of a vegetarian and my sister suggested i read it. i think this book should be mandatory for every person in america because it revealed so much to me about the stuff i put in my body...and honestly it scared me a bit. i felt a little betrayed by the fact that this was the first time i was receiving information like this! 

i learned a lot from the book about the food industry in general: how they contain and "care for" the animals, the slaughtering process, the industry's low profile, mysterious behavior, the FDA and their blind eye, and most importantly the insane excess of corn. when i finished reading this book i was ready to paint my picket sign and head to washington. i didn't do that of course but it made me pay more attention to what i'm buying at the grocery store and why organic is SO important. now i can't say that i buy all organic local produce and only eat organic grain fed beef, but i do what i can with what i can afford. 

the other day while my boyfriend and i were bagging up our food at the grocery store a girl behind us leaned over and said, "it's so refreshing to see someone at the supermarket buying real food." it made me feel pretty good and i immediately thought of the book i had once read. 

while browsing movie trailers today i came across a documentary based on that book and a few others. i can't wait to see it and i hope a lot of other people do too. go check out the trailer here.

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