Tube Top from Express
Skirt from American Apparel
Shoes from Aldo

Black Bangle from ??
Thrifted white bag

Pearl Clusters from Target

I really really wanted to wear my braided black belt with this but i could not find it anywhere. i looked everywhere, creating a sizable mess in the process. once i gave up i almost changed into a completely different outfit but decided that i wasn't going to let an accessory have that much control. so i braved the night beltless.

there were like six different really skilled break dancers there. it was so cool.

some of the art was super sweet....some of the art was super random.

I loved this.

so last night i went to a red bull party at an art gallery downtown. it was super fun and they had an awesome dj from ATL playing some songs i haven't thought about in years. i love when you go to a party and you hear all kinds of old jams you've forgotten about. it makes dancing that much more fun. he also played a sick michael jackson remix and i shed a little tear but danced my ass off to them in the king's honor.

the owner of the gallery rolled up and started acting a fool so we had to get out of there pretty quick but all in all it was a fun night. (and i got to get dressed up which is always a win for me)

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