so when it comes to expensive clothing it would be really hard for me to tell you my favorite brand/designer, but if you had a gun to my head i'd probably say Chanel. a few years ago i tore a Chanel dress out of the pages of W magazine. I put it on my bulletin board and starred at it lovingly for about a year and half. then i had to move and the picture disappeared. i was heart broken. and you think i'm just saying that? no i literally tore my new apartment apart looking for the picture. i could remember it, sure, but i wanted that picture back. so, for the past couple of years i've been searching for this dress...online, in archives of magazines, etc. i'm not sure how i made it so hard for myself because today that dress popped into my head again and i went searching. I found it on style.com within about 10 minutes. the dress is from the spring 2006 ready-to-wear line. 

i feel more whole now that i've been reunited with this beautiful masterpiece. i'd pay thousands of dollars just to be in the same room with this dress. but i'll keep the picture safe here so that if i ever get married or do something else that calls for spending thousands of dollars on a dress, i'll have this recreated. i might have to get married in a parking lot somewhere, but at least i'd have an exquisite dress on! wow, my priorities are obviously skewed, but hey i'm in love with this dress, and can you blame me?  

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