so between binging on Tom Robbins books and the recent happenings surrounding the anti-discrimination vote here in Memphis i have so much anger towards organized religion. having a rally about oppressing a specific group of people downtown, in front of a crowd and the media. Are you serious? i get it, freedom of speech, but when these pillars of morality are standing up and publicly stomping on people's rights! it disgusts me. 

what would dr. king do??

you know those crosses in front of a specific giant church in this city? i wonder how much it costs to spray them with light each and every night? probably enough to feed all of the needy, starving, shelterless children living in this city. 

i'm glad the resolution was passed, but man, these people here make me hate this city sometimes. can't we just let everyone be themselves and find commonality where it exists...instead of asking everyone to believe and live the same way?

my mother always taught me to "treat others the way you want to be treated". i will continue to do that for every man, woman, child, african american, lesbian, drag queen, mcdonald's fry cook, neighbors, friends, homeless, stranger, etc. well, everyone that i meet.

why would you want to live in a world filled with people who look just like you and know and believe all the same things. expand your mind, understand others, smile at someone you don't know, learn from unexpected sources.    

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