Happy Mother's Day meepsters.

Out about about Saturday night meep.
(thanks to my friend reina for taking my brokeness out)

outfit breakdown

tutu dress . wish
cropped cardi . anthropologie
bow bracelet . gift from mom
studded slingbacks . franco sarto
glasses . Lafont via the eclectic eye

rainbow clutch . handmade (placemats have many uses.)

crystal earrings . lunchtime jewelry sale at old job (random, I know)

Meep fun from today below! I spent the hot, sunny day hanging at the Millington Winery with my lovely mother. Also my Memaw (g-mother), aunt Meleia, cousin Vanessa and her two sweet little girls, Iliana and Cayli.

We ate fruit and pei wei lettuce wraps, drank wine, and listened to live music. It was truly enjoyable even though I was literally damp the whole time. The sun was hot and impossible to avoid. I always block the humid, sweaty part of summer out of brain each year. All my memories came rushing back this afternoon.

outfit breakdown

green skirt (actually a dress) . ella moss
pink old man shirt . thrift
flower . k&g (seen here)
sunnies . rayban

bow slides . coach

old lady purse . boonevegas thrift

My beautiful memaw and her super cute Vera Bradley laptop bag.
yep, she has a mac. so hip. watch out people.

my mom's adorable earrings.

mommy, memaw, and aunt mimi


Have to give props to my cousin Daniel for taking my awesome outfit pictures today in the woods at the winery.

Lindy: "Please tell me you know what poison ivy looks like."
Daniel: "Nope, that stuff can't hurt me anyways. It'll be fine."

He's invincible to everything but the ps3 hackers. poor guy.

Afterwards my mom and I drove around listening to Florence + the Machine and we stopped at a few flooded areas along the way to marvel at the water levels. I've never seen anything like this in Memphis. It has already caused some to evacuate and if it gets much worse we could have a serious problem on our hands.

we also came across this place....

(mata trolley restoration)

very cool.

All in all you must be thankful for the beautiful family you are given. No matter what, I'm proud to have strong, beautiful women to look to for support and inspiration. It makes me realize how much I have to look forward to as my life continues to meep on.

now something for your ears.

love her.

liv, alicia, and steven. crazymeep.

what can I say? dirty south represent.
(don't watch if project pat's dirty mouth offends you. it shouldn't, he's the business)



I've been busy. obviously. I haven't been here in a minute. I'm sorry.

I've been listening to a lot of feel good music lately. It really does make a difference. Queen, Florence and the Machine, The Faint, Mutemath, Zero 7, Phoenix, Beck, Nickel Creek, Adele, Feist, etc.

I've been doing my normal, working/living. I'm taking a certification test mid-month for work and it has consumed my time (but mostly my mind). I really want to pass on the first go to avoid humiliation/having to take the test twice. I'm venturing to Nashville for this test and would like to nip it in the bud. Advanced optics is not easy, contrary to what your momma told you, and so I have been flashcardin' it up.

I did manage to put together a few meep outfits and complete a few meep projects. Also, I've been watching Glee season 1, Pushing Daisies, and King of the Hill. Good Stuff. Take a peek.

Look at me, mixing patterns. Gotta love it.

I knew a guy once who gave me this necklace. He bought it (or so he says) to wear on his head in crown fashion but sadly it didn't fit on his head as he had hoped, so he thought he'd wear it as a necklace. (and this is the kind of a guy who would wear a necklace.) But to his chagrin he could not fit it over his big head. Needless to say he generously gave it to me. As he handed it over, I thanked him, and immediately thought "this is so not fitting over my head either." I set it aside and let it sink into my pile of cheap necklaces I wear every now and then. One day I pulled it out reluctantly and tried to fit it over my head. No success. As I was setting it back down I noticed a metal piece peeking out from one of the beads. A clasp! Yes!

His lack of attention to detail = my gain.

outfit breakdown

stripped top . hand me down (from my fabulous friend bramlett)
skirt . k&g
knot sandals . target
necklace . see above

I spent today in this ensemble. My day off from work, laundry, errands, enchiladas.

Another distraction from this outlet can be blamed on my hometown team the Memphis Grizzlies and their playoff success bliss. I've been rushing home from work to throw on my jersey and brainstorming on how I can win the lottery to pay for court side season tickets to next year's domination.

cooking yummy breakfast for dinner. memphis pride is abound. even in my sausage selection.

You know I gotta add my flare. This is my personalized jersey that my dad had made for me back in 2005. Luckett represent.


Meep project alert. Bathroom redo. take a look at the before.
Feels like a prison, don't drop the soap and whatnot. I know.

And now!! Somewhat cheesy. But it makes me feel happy when I step out of the shower.
Which is a good thing since I don't feel meep at all dragging myself out of bed at 730am to get in it.

I got a little caddy for the back of the toilet to keep everyday items in since storage is a bad situation. add rug, candle holder, cute shower curtain, window treatment, and done. I rent so there is only so much I can do. I'm pretty proud of it. If you're interested, most of this came from Target. (the mecca of cheap cute)

Of course I gotta add some wisdom in the loo.

This was my easter day selection. I wish I could say the spring makes me yearn for color but that's year 'round for me. I wear all black to work everyday so every chance I get it's brightbrightbright.

outfit breakdown

dress . Target
jacket . Gap
belt . thrift
bow tie . vintage via Flashback
hat . Target
wedges . Stein Mart

Seems like a good time to mention the back drop. I will constantly be changing my living environment. I don't enjoy stagnant surroundings. But also I'm in a constant struggle with the bulk of clothing I own. I make a good living but I live in a small space in order to leave most of the living for fun stuff. (I have an addiction to shopping, duh.) Said small place makes for tricky closet space. I ended up taking my dresser out of me bedroom and making it into a console table of sorts to make room for a vanity area. It still contains all of my clothes but resides in the living room now. I replaced the knobs and added a few accents up top. see the cute below.

before boring.

after awesome.

shade from Target on sale, college graduation pictures, princess bride---my favorite book, mom and dad's prom picture, candle holder from my grandmother, crochet table runner handmade by my great grandmother, dresser via yard sale score, knobs from anthropologie, wire dress form from pb teen, ruffle dress from anthropologie worn my by sister in a friend's wedding, einstein portrait from garden ridge.

I've also been working on my photographing skills. ya like?

and some music to round it out.

wish I could make out w/ Freddie and that 'stasche.

true love. she's coming to my town and I so wish I could go.


yes. I want to kiss billy joel on the mouth. with tongue.

Maybe me billy and freddie can have a three way kiss.
a girl can dream.

p.s. I'm on the hunt for quality antique jewelry (specifically rings) at an affordable price. Any leads?

p.p.s do you have a pinterest account? no? get one and follow me. meep for sure.



i saw this outfit and i really liked it....so i made it my own. thank god for making time to sit down at the computer and look at how other girls are incorporating fashion into everyday life. i really feel so lucky to have the Internet as a creative outlet and to be privileged to look into people's lives that i never have and never will meet. Being inspired is the the most euphoric feeling one can create and while finding that in people you don't know may seem odd; to me it is the epitome of whimsical.

picnic table tank . gap
flowing sweater . will smith via tjmaxx
skinnies . seven
gleaming shoes . toms
bag . thrift
necklace . k&g superstore
bow belt . old navy
bracelet . handmade leather from trulli/alberobello, italy

is that not the most amazing thrift find ever. angel kisslock in perfect condition, plenty of room for lots of stuff. i almost cried when i spotted this.

windy city.

"Don't part with your illusions.
When they are all gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live." - Mark Twain

i've been dreaming to this song. typical. amazing music video.

and, yes, i bought the deluxe version of this greatness.

girl fight.
product placement.
paint spiderman hands.
her body (hello, milf)
def leopard font.

i will always love britney. no questions asked.
hitmebabyonemoretime."i'm a virgin".cry me a river.slave for you.kfed.toxic.bald w/ umbrella.
love her.



music festival wear for a chilly, rainy night.
did someone just call me Mary Ann?
is it a problem that i don't know who that is?
have YOU even seen a episode of Gilligan's Island?
yep, that's what I thought.

old man shirt . thrift
olive sweater . tjmaxx
black skirt . american apparel
gold cowboy boots . steve madden
(look close. cotton candy nails.)

I'm newly addicted to pinterest. (addicted is an understatement) I'm patiently awaiting my invite to join the site. Click the link if you haven't heard of this, but only if have at least 2 hours free to sit and stare.

also, I've been listening to the dr.

also i love you.



did you think I was ever coming back? I know, I don't blame you. I've been busy with real life and the blog is the first to go. (so sad) I've also been sans picture taking partner which makes all of this pretty hard. (yes I know what a tripod is, yes I hate to use it)

this will be a quick catch up with (count 'em) 2 outfit updates! Neither outing was super exciting but, if you've been reading long enough, getting dressed up with no where to go is kinda my favorite.

Tank . Free People
Black Pencil . Old Navy
Knot Sandals . Target
Shades . Maui Jim via The Eclectic Eye
Faux Pearls . gift

I rarely enjoy showing my knees. This isn't some sort of religious preference or shame of my body...I'm just excessively clumsy and usually have some pretty sick looking scars/bruises. Now that summer is on it's way back in I'm trying to ease myself back into it. not easy. I spent the whole afternoon trying to pull this skirt down past my knees.

My most recent bruising is from an outing to the skating rink. I was very rusty yet extremely brave, which resulted in golf ball sized knees. I had a great time doing it though and even had a few kids laughing at me. Always a win. With skirt/short weather on it's way I'm try to remember to be extra careful, but you know, walking is hard!

yay, i love pockets.
yay, i love pairing nude with black.

Dress . Target
Leather Jacket . WISH
Lacey Leggings . Victoria's Secret
Sling Backs . Franco Sarto
3strand crystal necklace . Express
Headwear . gift from my sister



Happy weekend meepsters!

"So I like what I see when I'm looking at me when I'm walking past the mirror."



would it be strange to wear a wig in normal life?
I think not.
you only live once, right?

inspiration from her.
wonderful rainbow wigs found here.