i've always been a big fan of color. now don't get me wrong i do love the flawless all black. usually when i have a "i have nothing to wear" night i go to the all black. but mostly i love wearing color to the point that it's obnoxious and sometimes maybe sometimes just a little bit overkill. but, hey, it puts me a good mood! here's an outfit i'd love to have. bright bright bright.

cute, right?


so there's this blog i read called gofugyourself.com. i'm sure you've heard of it. anyways, it's quite entertaining and most of the time i'm completely horrified by the outfits that some celebrities are willingly wearing in public. with all that money and so lost...to think of all the wonderful, well put together outfits out there being rudely ignored. while catching up on the blog tonight i came across two pictures that made me take a second look. one in a good way and one in a bad way. i always take the bad news first so here it comes. people, prepare...

i mean, really?? what was her stylist thinking?? no better yet, what were her parents thinking? yeah billy ray i'm talking to you. you think just because you daughter's show is on the disney channel and she sings "inspirational" and "patriotic" themed songs she's allowed to prance around in public in a skin tight hooker skirt, 4 inch heels, and a sheer tank top? i just feel so sorry for her because this picture is obviously the foreshadowing of the public meltdown and subsequent disowning of her family that is sure to come. i just don't get it. when did this become socially acceptable? if i ever have kids i'm keeping them locked in their rooms or maybe i'll put hidden cameras in their rooms. oh you know i'm kidding. but no really this shit is out of control. disney channel needs to check themselves. and oh yeah if the jonas brothers think they are fooling anyone with that purity ring crap they can think again. wow, i just mentioned the jonas brothers in my blog. i'm ashamed. but atleast i got that off my chest.

so anyways on to the good stuff. i must say that i had my six month period in high school where i thought the ashlee simpson CD was kinda good. i still have some of her stuff on my computer and every once in awhile i listen to a song or two. don't judge me. anyways, between her horrible career, her family, and everything else in between the girl simply gets on my nerves. and most of the time when i see a picture of her i think to myself "ew". plus she married that guy who is in that really horrible band...see the list goes on. but she pleasantly surprised me here. if i had a body like that i would sport this entire outfit. i love the colors, her makeup, the shoes, everything. it's very sluty chanel which i like...so well done ashlee...but just this once.


omg jimmy choo and H&M are doing a line together. read about it here. hooray! if i lived anywhere near a H&M i would camp outside the store to get my hands on a pair for my very own. but i don't. oh well.


oh man i want this. i've been infatuated with yves saint laurent for quite some time. his clothing, his life, his struggle...no, seriously this man went through some crazy stuff. if you haven't read this book please do yourself a favor and pick it up immediately. his life is truly inspiring and his life's work is truly brilliant.

"fashions fade. style is eternal." - YSL
picture found here.


so i haven't posted anything lately because i was away on vacation. i had a wonderful, relaxing time but the real world comes crashing back pretty fast once it comes to an end. but i'm not thinking about that now because the pretty things are so much more interesting. first things first, i'd like to introduce you to the newest member of my shoe family. i got these at the outlet mall for, wait for it, $19.99. such a great price i gave myself a little imaginary pat on the back as i walked out the door.

aren't the precious? it was love at first sight.

in other news i got these cute wedges during tax free weekend from Banana Republic right before we left. on sale from $120.00 to $18.97, one pair left---IN MY SIZE, and tax free! obviously not an opportunity i could pass up.

this is my kinda-new brown leather, gold studded, Joe's clutch that i carried for the majority of the time i was away. it has all sorts of nifty pockets inside and i just love it! it came with a strap too but i've been mostly using it as a clutch.

for most of the vacation i was dressed only in a large hat, swimsuit, and a lot of SPF but i did manage to get myself dressed a few times. here's what wore (like you really care...).

pink deep-v jersey dress from tjmaxx
gold wedges from nine west outlet
beaded necklace from express

razorback maxi dress from burlington coat factory
white necklace from the thrift store
sliver gladiator sandals from ross (not pictured, but trust me you don't want to see them...they're falling apart)

black tie-dyed dress from forever21
black patent peep toe heels by jessica simpson
(sporting my new glasses!)

'80s black purse from the thrift store

my new pink ruffled monokini from target
blue cotton skirt from american apparel
seen here wearing pretty much my only pair of flip flops. I HATE FLIP FLOPS!

vintage levi jean vest from the thrift store
run dmc tee from tjmaxx
red cotton pencil skirt from american apparel
black studded gladiators from tjmaxx
white wayfarers by rayban

after taking this picture my boyfriend says to me, "ok we need to take another one and this time try not to mean-mug the camera." i do look ridiculous but in my defense i don't think i was ready...but his honesty is always appreciated and he's usually right.



i actually took this picture with my iphone. can you guess what it is?


it's an amazing light fixture. random i know but i just loved it. these are in the entry hallway at a casino near my hometown. beautiful, yes, but i'd hate to be standing underneath if those wires gave out.



so here's another outfit update. i wore this on a day of errands and paying bills. i felt like if i wore something sort of fashionable my mood wouldn't go south because of all the money i was shelling out for things that were not cute at all. well after an hour in the comcast line, 100 degree weather, and a number of horribly bad drivers let's just say thank god for my effort because without it i might have stopped traffic on poplar and started smashing windshields with a baseball bat. you know, just one of those days. i did manage to improve my mood by stopping into Cafe Eclectic for lunch. I had a cappuccino and a BLT&A (bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado) sandwich. it was nothing less than perfect. if you've never been there, put it on your to do list.

tank by Juicy Couture via TJMaxx
vest from Gap
denim skirt by Converse for Target
snake print brown wedges from Nine West
leaf necklace from my sister via this meep post


so a little outfit update from a few weekends back. i was hot hot hot outside and i was attempting to be appropriate but also breezy if you know what i mean. i wore this to one of my boyfriend's show's at an "irish pub" called murphy's...so i thought the green was appropriate, plus i got it for my birthday and hadn't worn it yet.

STEVEN by steve madden pumps via TJMaxx
black textured tights
HaleBop green silk tunic
black beaded earrings from Charlotte Russe
silver name plate necklace


so just a few cute things i'd love to wear out for some yummy baked goods or perhaps a ladylike drink. i'm drawn to so many different styles but bows and vintage and sweet little things like these will always be my favorite. dressing up is, was, and always will be fun.