so there's this blog i read called gofugyourself.com. i'm sure you've heard of it. anyways, it's quite entertaining and most of the time i'm completely horrified by the outfits that some celebrities are willingly wearing in public. with all that money and so lost...to think of all the wonderful, well put together outfits out there being rudely ignored. while catching up on the blog tonight i came across two pictures that made me take a second look. one in a good way and one in a bad way. i always take the bad news first so here it comes. people, prepare...

i mean, really?? what was her stylist thinking?? no better yet, what were her parents thinking? yeah billy ray i'm talking to you. you think just because you daughter's show is on the disney channel and she sings "inspirational" and "patriotic" themed songs she's allowed to prance around in public in a skin tight hooker skirt, 4 inch heels, and a sheer tank top? i just feel so sorry for her because this picture is obviously the foreshadowing of the public meltdown and subsequent disowning of her family that is sure to come. i just don't get it. when did this become socially acceptable? if i ever have kids i'm keeping them locked in their rooms or maybe i'll put hidden cameras in their rooms. oh you know i'm kidding. but no really this shit is out of control. disney channel needs to check themselves. and oh yeah if the jonas brothers think they are fooling anyone with that purity ring crap they can think again. wow, i just mentioned the jonas brothers in my blog. i'm ashamed. but atleast i got that off my chest.

so anyways on to the good stuff. i must say that i had my six month period in high school where i thought the ashlee simpson CD was kinda good. i still have some of her stuff on my computer and every once in awhile i listen to a song or two. don't judge me. anyways, between her horrible career, her family, and everything else in between the girl simply gets on my nerves. and most of the time when i see a picture of her i think to myself "ew". plus she married that guy who is in that really horrible band...see the list goes on. but she pleasantly surprised me here. if i had a body like that i would sport this entire outfit. i love the colors, her makeup, the shoes, everything. it's very sluty chanel which i like...so well done ashlee...but just this once.

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