Take that Kanye.


My birthday is still two months away, but I've already started looking for a dress to wear. I want to wear pastels and get some sexy nude pumps to go with. I'll be shopping around over the next few weeks and checking thrift stores, but as of now this is the one I've picked out.

We'll see how long that lasts. GO here to see the Orchid Tint color, very Meep!


tank top - from my mom
beaded bolero jacket - thrift
denim skirt - Old Navy
studded gladiators - J. Aldridge Sea of Shoes via Urban Outfitters
gold tassel necklace - E-bay
flower ring - birthday gift via Neiman Marcus

I have the most amazing mom on the face of the earth. She is my best friend and she always knows how to make me smile. She's beautiful and strong and hardworking. I work everyday of my life to become more like her; more patience, more selflessness. I get my creativity and my hips from her...two of my very favorite things.

My mother always let me be who I was no matter what. She let me dress myself before I knew my left from my right. She developed my personality and nurtured my talents. She is my Meep and always will be.

I wanted to share mine and my mom's outfit on this post, but unfortunately my camera went dead. I'll share mine with you today and revisit one of my mom's cute outfits later.