this was my christmas day selection.
shhh, don't tell, I wore this outfit on Christmas Eve too.

dress/tunic: Wish (x-mas gift from mom and dad)
tights: unknown brand via tjmaxx
boots: cheap brand via K&G Superstore

check the close up. (not the mess behind me)
I love this color and the sequin detail.
very flattering and a great skirt for spinning.
add boots and done.

the best part of this outfit is by far by new do. Thanks to my main bitch Stephanie I got this foxy new hair color a few weeks before the holiday. I went planning to get blonde highlights and left looking like this.

Stephanie is so great at what she does. She always talks me into doing things that sounds really crazy at first and end up being perfect for me. I like to pretend I'm exactly like her, because she's just that awesome. You think the hair is hot? You should see the make-up she does.

Trust me, this girl is talented.

E-mail me for her info if you're looking to get yourself a hot new do. She will hook a girl UP.

I also can't forget the glue to this merry meep outfit.

Oliver Peoples Riley in Butter Crystal.
Aren't they beautiful?
I'm in love.



Merry Christmas y'all!
(better late than never)

I almost went the Scrooge route and opted out of the Christmas tree this year. I have very little storage and I threw the last one out in the move. However, Garden Ridge sucked me in. again. It's pink, miniature, and half price. (three of my my very most favorite things) I caved and I'm glad I did. It takes up almost no space and provides a nice little happy. Would I be crazy to leave it up all year and change the theme every now and then? Yep, that's totally crazy...but i'm not ruling it out yet.

I had a great Christmas this year. It was a long day, but I got some great presents and spent some much needed time catching up and eating cookies. Check out the highlights.

this is my lovely grandma.
this lady can craft/sew just about anything you might want/need/never think to own.

seriously, she can crochet you an afghan, make PJs in your favorite color, and embroider anything you can put a needle through, all in one afternoon.
(while making you coffee and lunch and telling you how beautiful you are)
she has taught me so much and makes up a lot of me today.
isn't she meep?

my grandfather gave me a peek of his extensive belt buckle collection which was mind-blowing. He has over 300 in this collection and, man, does he have some good ones. This was by far my favorite. Leather, hand painted, pretty freaking sweet. I'd love to have more time and capture the entire collection. (and maybe score a few hand me downs, too!)


I got some really awesome stuff this year and as usual I was pleasantly surprised by most of it. I don't know about you, but I always have a favorite. During the holiday season I can usually think of about 2 (maybe) items I might like to have. For some reason I get present block and can't come up with anything. Even though I have this, ahem, catalog of cute shit.

wow. I know. I can't explain it.

However, ask me 2 days before Christmas and I can probably name about 100 bazillion things I might like to have.

This year I didn't toy with these fickle feelings. I knew exactly what I wanted. I knew it would be a long shot. I had to ask. Truthfully, I really really needed (bust also wanted) a new couch.


My lovely sister did a room remodel for me some months back and it was awesome. (she did the same thing to my playhouse when we were little for my birthday and I'll never forget it. Brightening someone's living space is a great gift.) As a part of this project she thrifted a couch and got a steal, $10. We threw a cover on it and used it to take up space and look nice...throw pillows and such. I never sat on. Literally, NEVER. Then, I moved. I had sold my old couch to a co-worker because it was too big. Suddenly I needed a couch again and all I had to turn to was the ornamental, baby couch. Smaller than a loveseat and manufactured circa 1968. I quickly learned that I would be unable to carry on with life if it involved sitting/laying/perching on the couch everyday after work as I had been doing for a month or so. Perfect to look at, not meant for anything else.

So I asked for a couch and politely gave my mom a picture of something I liked, style and color wise. Just to give her ideas. You know what that pretty lady did? She bought me the exact couch.

get ready, the favorite present, and swooooon.

hello lover that I can comfortably fit my body on whilst not in fetal position.
finally, comfort has found me.
score one for the parentals.

close up on color and detail.
it's my princess meets punk rock couch.

sneak peak.
living quarters.

sidenote: smashed the glass on my apartment door getting this thing in. props to father because we seriously almost died. Beautiful couch = beautiful monster falling on my face when stairs are involved. My mom stood by saying "omg, I wish I could put this on youtube." loveher.

I know you're heart is racing over all that meep.
How about some cute kids to level you out.

I have lots of cousin. Cousins all over the place. Most are younger than me and so interesting to talk to. I love the dynamic of knowing them from birth and being able to be a part of their journey from little people to little adults. They are all so beautiful and growing up so fast. (I know, what am I, 40?) It was nice to catch up.

Barbie and Ken refused to close their eyes AND remove the crown at bedtime. How rude.

baby with a box. does it get any cuter?

cheerleader, straight A student, star volleyball player, superwoman? Can you see the relation?

Here's a few more special gifts I'd like to share.

quilt pieced by my great great great great grandmother.
speechless. does it get any better than this?

new kindle cover via my sister and brother in law.
if it wasn't already obvious how much of a dork I am.
I like to be very clear.

Leather jacket from my mom and dad via WISH

chucks + glitter = love.

I hope you had a very meep holiday season and got everything you asked for.
bring on the resolutions.



oldie but goodie.
love the cupid outfit she's wearing.
and her emotion.


I do love Alexa Chung. She's funny, fresh, and fashionable.
I love her boyish/girlie/grandma look.
I think we'd probably be best friends.
no biggie.



"It's life under the sun just a crazy, crazy dream?"

love the clothes. love the setting. love the animals. the lead signer is beautiful.


every lady needs something whimsical to wear on her head.