so free people makes me happy. there is nothing better than coming across a sweet free people find at TJ or a thrift store. it usually makes my heart flutter in happiness. i can count on one hand the number of times i've actually bought a free people item at full price. i still love looking at all their beautiful new stuff. this brand never fails at flawlessly combining sweet, comfortable fabrics with edgy components. go to their website and look at all the cool stuff. they're really killing it with the shoes this season. i would gladly take one of each, but i only put a few of my favorites here. (like those adorable cowboy boots that i would LIVE in!) obviously i want it all, but here are a few things that i dream about at night. 

Fleetwood Moccasin Boot (i love these because they look a lot like the boots in Anna Sui 2009 RTW collection that i was in complete love with when i saw them!)
Stardust Fringe Onepiece (denim shorts plus mini cowboy boots, perfect!)

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