so about a month ago i went thrifting in search of the perfect birthday dress. yes i could always go to forever 21 and pick out something (tight budget these days) but i wanted something with character i.e. something vintage.

in one of the stores i found the most beautiful vintage dress ever. it was floor length and had long sleeves, but i could see a lot of potential. i tried it on and it fit but the $20 price tag seemed a little much for a used dress that i would need to have altered. the shopping day came to an end and i was still empty handed.

i couldn't stop thinking about it. this beautiful, overpriced vintage dress. after a week of trying to remove it from my brain i went back for it. i went in on half price day without even knowing it and got the dress for $10 (and the clerk told me that the dress had been in the store for six months and started out with a $100 price!). she added the icing to my cake and i became so relieved that i went back to claim it.

i wasn't able to get very good before pictures because i was at the alteration place when i realized that i had forgotten to take them. the dress is a nude color with a sheer overlay of some very interesting sparkle fabric. you really have to see it in person to get it. these pictures don't really do it justice. i had the dress shortened and the sleeves removed. it ended up looking perfect and i liked it even more after the changes were made.

i wore this dress to my wonderful birthday dinner. my boyfriend gave me some beautiful jewelry that was perfect with my dress (more on that in a later post). i hope that i can keep this dress forever. enjoy!



i carried the banana republic velour clutch

one of my fav pair of shoes: white lulu guinness heels with gold polka dots

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