jumpsuit heaven.

so my sister sent me a text last night about Alloy having really cute jumpsuits. of course i went running, at that very second, to check on their website. Needless to say i managed to spend the next hour and half looking through all their clothes and creating "outfits" that i want, but probably will never get (theme). they do have some really cute stuff though, aside from just jumpsuits. I also got my hair highlighted super blonde yesterday for the upcoming summer and whenever i do that i always want to go out and go shopping. this is a side affect i get from many tasks, multiple times a day. so my time on alloy.com really helped me keep that under control. it comes just in time too because i transferred $600 from savings to checking yesterday.....a beautiful pair of jimmy choo pumps? or two tickets for me and my boyfriend to go to bonnaroo? 

i'm going to have to keep pondering that. 
(as my boyfriend crawls under his desk and begins to cry.)

so here are my adorable outfits. beware, i am mildly obsessed with jumpsuits.

Outfit Number 1: sandals, turquoise bag, necklace, pink jumpsuit

I think i might make it happen on those sandals. i might be more in love with them than the jumpsuits. yes, i am, i'm sure of it now. 

This is the only outfit not entirely from alloy.com. The shoes I found at Aldo.com, but man their prices keep getting more and more ridiculous. $100.00 is really hard to spend on just one pair of shoes. At least for lil' ole me 

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