so today i noticed it. the dreaded side affect of living in a city with enough humidity in the summer to suffocate a perfectly healthy person. i was sweating while doing nothing. i immediately began mentally preparing myself for the months ahead....but it doesn't seem to make a difference. my continuous craving for ice cream and the feeling of wanting to take all my clothes off in a public place (because you're so hot and sweaty, come on) has come back into my everyday life. summer does excite me because that usually means vacation time...which is my favorite time of the year. vacation = beach = bikini!! in my current state i'm not fit to wear one in public, but i'm on my way. 

i loved ashley paige even before her stupid reality show (which i thought was great). I no longer have cable so i'm really unsure if it is still out there, but i'm positive i was the only person who watched it. here are a few of my favorites go to the website and look at them all!     ashleypaige.com

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