so there are random things that i become obsessed with for various reasons. some i don't have reasons for, and others i have ridiculous reasons for i.e. "i love hello kitty because it's so cute". one of those random things is peacocks. i've always loved their vibrant colors and the fact that it is so different from any other bird/pheasant/whatever. i also love the idea of a male using a beautiful, elaborate display to attract it's female companion.  

so even though i'm mildly obsessed i don't really own anything "peacocky". i have a headband with a feather on top but EVERYONE has one of those now and the metal band kind of hurts my head. i went to etsy.com and searched peacock and found so much cool stuff my head almost exploded. seriously, this site is the best thing that has ever happened to me (my wallet will tell you a different story). i wasted too much money on e-bay....but this site reminds me of a more reliable version of it (without the bidding, which i hate!) because they have everything and anything you could ever want!

so here's the cool stuff i found. and you guessed it....i want it all. 

i love kiss lock clutches. the red and the tan really make the design POP.
even though this bag is borderline mom-ish i still think that if you pair it with the right outfit it could be really awesome. it is a lot bigger than it looks with a ton of pockets on the inside!
this. dress. is. amazing. beautiful. i want this now. 
i like this peacock hair accessory much better than the aforementioned headband. it has a little clip on the back so you could put it in your hair, wear it as a brooch, attach it to your belt or purse, the possibilities are endless!
these temporary lashes are SO cool. i wish i had fancy galas or balls to go to. i'd rock these with the perfect little black dress and SKY HIGH heels!
i'm always scared to carry pocket mirrors in my purse for fear that i'll slam my purse down and shatter it....but if i didn't have that ridiculous fear this is the one i would have. 
vintage necklace with gold peacock charm. 1. vintage 2. gold....need i say more.
a girl can never have enough pillows right? i've always wanted to have a moroccan theme pillow/lounge room, you know, with brightly colored mosquito netting and floor pillows, etc.  (note- you have to be really rich to dedicate an entire room in your house to pillows) 
i love this wall decal even though it is borderline creepy. the colors in my bathroom are bright yellow and black and i think this would look pretty sweet in there. 
this tank looks sooo comfortable. i really love wearing pieces that are super simple with just a bit of embellishment. i would love to wear this with a bright funky necklace, skinny jeans, and heels.

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