I'm trying to be crafty this holiday season. While low funds is part of the reason, I've found that I really enjoy making things. They may not always be perfect or useful, but crafting/sewing can be very rewarding. The sense of accomplishment once the project is done is intoxicating and giving personally made items brings so much more joy than handing off a gift card.

While wrapping up my first christmas gifts, I got this rad idea to hand make all the gift tags. Well this idea went from gift tags (notice the plural) to one ornament. It took some time, but I was just free handing this, without instructions or a pattern. Here's how to make this project, as well as pictures of my final product. I hope you like it and feel the crafty drive to make some for your loved ones this holiday season.

needle and thread
old t-shirt/jersey material
cute buttons
thicker thread in a contrasting color

First, I used an old red t-shirt (left over from the previous project) and doubled it over. I traced a heart onto the fabric and then cut it out. I pinned the fabric together for exact cutting.

Next, I used the thicker thread in pink to hand sew my sister's name onto one side of the t-shirt fabric. You have to be sort of delicate with this part...pull the thread too hard or make a stitch too big and your letters might not look right. My sister's name is Tabitha, but I went for the shortened version. If you or your friend has a long name, you could always go with the person's initials.

The next step is optional. I picked out a few buttons I had laying around to sew onto the fabric. I sewed these on by hand with the same thread I used to make the name. Be careful not to sew these too close to the edges or you'll be stuck hand sewing a lot more than you'd probably like to.

Next, layer the two fabric pieces together and sew around edges with sewing machine. Start at the top of the heart and work your way down. Leave a space open at the top for the ribbon and also a space near the bottom to stuff the heart before hand sewing it closed. I used scraps of the same t-shirt to stuff the heart to give it shape. This is optional but I think filling it makes it look so much better. Next, loop ribbon and stuff loose ends into top space. Hand sew into place.

And done!

This project is a great way to jazz up your gifts and can be used as an ornament or a door hanger. You can also stuff it with lavender so it can be used as a drawer sachet.

(still surviving on iphone photos. sorry.)

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