I stayed up way too late last night compiling the top 10 things I'd like for Christmas this year. I don't expect to get all of these things, but at least this year when a family member asks me "What do you want for Christmas?" I'll be able to lead them in some sort of direction instead of shrugging my shoulders and silently thinking "Really, I have no idea." I hope you enjoy my list and it inspires you to get started on your own.

If you're an avid reader you might expect gucci bags and manolos to fill the bulk of this list, but I don't really ever expect people to adhere to my expensive taste. Plus, when it comes to luxury items, shopping for them is half the fun so I usually like to do it myself (you know the 3-4 times in my life I've done that). Plus, I enjoy being with my family during the holidays and it seems that as I become more mature the presents get less and less important in the whole scheme of things. I wish I had known this when I was 13 instead of pasting pictures of horses to the refrigerator boasting that "I don't want anything but my very own horse." God, I was delusional. My parents have always killed it on Christmas, so even though I never woke up to a Tennessee Walking Horse in the back yard, I always got the best stuff!

So, on with the list. These items are in no particular order and I'll link all of them just in case you'd like to add something you see here to your very own list.

1. While, this may be cheating, the first thing on my list is an amazon.com gift card. There are a few books/CDs/movies that I've been wanting for awhile and gift cards are just so easy. Of course, these items can be bought individually at many stores, but I'm lumping them together for the sake of time.

I heard a story about Johnny Mercer on NPR one night and was surprised at how many of his songs I actually knew. I was also excited to find out that he lived a very exciting life full of romance and stardom...very scandalous. My very favorite song is, of course, Moon River from BAT (breakfast at tiffany's). I'd probably put on my best Mad Men-esque outfit and dance around the house with this on blast.

I've only heard a few of their songs, but I loved every single one of them. I've been meaning to pick this up for a few months, but every time I'm reminded of it I'm flat broke.

I'm actually ashamed that I don't already own this. While I'd love to have them all (I already have BAT) Funny Face is the one I want the most. I haven't seen Sabrina, and for that I am ashamed.

I just recently started a beginner's sewing class in order to hone in on using my sewing machine correctly. I use it every once in a while but I know it would get way more use if I was sure of every function and setting so that's what I'm working on. Maybe adding this book to my list is me getting a little ahead of myself, but I'm optimistic that in no time I'll be pumping out cute handmade ensembles. Here's to hoping.

Here's a little background on this one. I'm an idiot an lost my camera on halloween. Thought the story was going to be more complicated than that didn't you? I wish it was...it only makes the pain of losing it sting that much more, but it was a good thing in disguise. I was growing increasingly frustrated with my camera...a small, run-of-the-mill digital camera. I was constantly having trouble finding the proper setting to achieve good lighting, taking pictures that weren't blurry, etc. etc. I was really excited about it for a couple of months and quickly realized that I knew nothing about cameras. I mean y'all know...The pictures I post of myself here are a hot mess, to say the least. With that said, I still know nothing about cameras, but I think this one will make me appear to be less of a retard because it does a lot of stuff for you and all-in-all it's just a better camera. On another note....oh Wal-mart and you're competitive pricing. I just can't seem to escape supporting this horrific company...and for what...$10 cheaper. Whoa is me, I guess I'm just a sheep like the rest of them....

As seen in one of my recent posts, I just couldn't get this beautiful thing out of my mind. I have a super warm, pink, comfy robe that my boyfriend gave to me....but my "summer", light robe looks like something a stripper might wear while waiting to go on stage (I didn't buy it that way, I've just had it way too long). Plus, I need a pretty robe to balance out how intensely freakish my bed head can get....also, I bet it feels like butttt-a.

4. Gingher Gift Set w/ Embroidery Scissors & Dressmaking Shears

Here I am getting ahead of myself again...but the right scissors really make the garment.
This I know without having to take a class about it. These are great because if you buy
them from the company directly they have a pretty good warranty and you can ever send
them in to be sharpened. It may seem like a lot for scissors, but these are the kind
that last forever!

This has also appeared on my blog before. I wore my mom's around the house a few weekends
ago and if I kinda wanted them before, I REALLY want them now. They are comfy equivalent to
chuck taylors and I like the mixture of ease and glam....which really embodies my style. Plus,
who doesn't want to support a company with a great cause, especially during the holiday season.

I really love the V-neck tri-blend shirts from AA. So soft, and so easy to dress up or down. I'm really digging this color right now, but any of them would be great. This would be a huge upgrade from my $5 V-neck white tees.

7. ASICS Running Shoes

I need these, really bad. Running shoes are just so expensive I can never really bring myself to buy them, even though I need them really, really bad. I'm too ashamed to admit how long I've had my current ones. My feet go numb pretty much every time I run on the treadmill. Honestly, I like this brand of running shoe, but anything will do at this point.
8. NARS Wild at Heart Anniversary Palette

I need new make-up. period. I'm ashamed of how long I've had most of my stuff. It's tragic. I just like spending my money on clothes and shoes...way too much. I've recently lost a few key pieces in my make-up collection and I bought a new, larger make-up holder (which I really needed) so it's time to gear up. I love this palette because of the bold lip color and the blush/bronzer combo. I usually wear a very simple eye, so the shades are perfect as well.
9. Smashbox Lash DNA Mascara

My mascara is the worst part...I've had it foooreverr. I have a really hard time finding a mascara in the drugstore that gives length without clumping, and trust me I've wasted a lot of money in trial and error. I used to buy all my makeup at the Chanel counter in Macy's and their mascara is awesome, so I'm kinda spoiled in this area. I read some reviews online (yep, I'm that much of a dork) and decided that I want to give this brand a try.

And to round it out a whole new set of foundation/powder/eyes/cheeks/lips for a great every day look. I'd have to say that I think I want this set the most of all the makeup featured. Plus, Sephora has a great price on this right now!

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