lovely living.

so just for a moment imagine spending a lovely Sunday afternoon in November lounging in the most adorable, cheerful living room enjoying the paper or a good book or just the brilliant set-up of a self-designed, everything-you've-ever-dreamed-of sanctuary. Doesn't that just sound amazing? I decided to create said space from a grouping of items for sale at Anthropologie and subsequently sit with my eyes closed and picture myself snuggled up in my lovely living creation.

I love the bright color as well as the tuxedo style. I'm also a sucker for nail heads and rolled arms. This couch would bring sunshine to any gloomy day.

This looks like the perfect book reading chair.
Mirrored Dresser [$1298.00]

I picture this as a TV stand of sorts. The drawers are perfect to store DVDS and extra blankets. I hate clutter so this would help to disguise the fact that I have a lot of stuff.

I picture these as the side tables on either end of the couch. I like the distressed yet simple look and the fact that the bench (shown below) has the same wheels.
Jacoby Bench [$798.00]

This would be a make shift coffee table to go in front of the couch. I love the colors and it doubles as more seating when having friends over for a quaint little tea party.

I love this curtain and think it would be perfect for a room with one large window....putting it on multiple small windows would probably be a little much. The best part of this item is that it successfully incorporates pretty much every other color in the room, bringing everything together.

Doily Rug [$1,098.00]

Goldfish Pillow [$118.00]

While I'm unsure as to why the price tag is so high I still love this pillow!

This would be filled with yellow roses or pink peonies of course!

Night Sky Bingo [$118.00]

I enjoy decorating spaces with items not 100% meant for that reason. I have an old window hanging on the wall in my living room, enough said. I love the vintage look to this bingo set and the old wire ball holder! Bingo will forever remind me of one of my favorite movies, My Girl.

I love globes. If I were a collector (i'm really not, unless i can wear it) I'd probably collect globes. This one is so neat. I love the shape, the gold accents, and the detail on the base.

I've linked to this on my blog before, but every exquisite living room has great coffee table books. I'm not sure I will ever be able to pay this much for a single book. I'll probably have to go to the bookstore and sit on the floor for an hour just to read it. But for the sake of my lovely dream, I'd have to have this.

Please click the link to this book and read the description. This book sounds absolutely divine.

In this lovely dream, of course, I'd be fashionably perched on this lovely furniture having tea....

...and eating a giant carrot cupcake from this lovely little serving dish...

...and wearing this luxurious silk robe while admiring my...

...awesome purchase of the lovely, girly chemise...

in my dainty little flats.

(then my boyfriend would return home with a gift of this necklace for my wearing pleasure.)

Dreaming is fun! Now it's your turn, but the theme must be lovely!

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