beautiful betty.

so, I've stumbled upon a new blog to be bookmarked and I like it so much I wanted to share it with you. Le Blog de Betty is a whatiworetoday type of blog and this blogger has some serious style. She seems to like a lot of the things I do and and she can really pull off a rocker/chic look. While looking back through past posts I saw a lot of sequins, bows, tights, and booties so pretty much cutecutecute. Click the link above to check out her site. She's French, but all of her posts are in french and english. Her FAQ section is only in French, though, so I really can't tell you much about her. I'll post a few of my favorite looks so far, but really it's all pretty much perfect.

I love the simple/girly look here. i also love ruffles and the tan/black color combo.

All of her shoes are so fierce but i really love these boots. My favorite part of this outfit is hands down the feather cape. it looks so cool over her biker jacket and totally completes an otherwise basic ensemble. Click the link above to look at some of the up close pictures...it is so beautiful. I just might have to try to DIY something like this, but it would be incomplete without a similar jacket.

Love the gloves/Love the pants/LOVE the shoes.
(I've wanted YSL Cage Heels for SO long. I'm not sure if these are actually YSL but so cute just the same. I haven't come across any knock-offs that weren't horribly cheap but I'm still waiting for that day. This is one of those fashion pieces that if i find them out shopping at 80 years old I will still purchase them just for the chance to be the owner of something so beautiful.)

this look is very Chanel to me. I love the oversized dress and the girly accents. I want to wear a flower headband like that SO BAD but the texture of my fro-like hair just doesn't allow for it. Her bangs make the look that much better.

I'm positive now that I want to be her best friend.

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