When I was younger (and not responsible for all my expenses) I pretty much only wore Victoria's Secret panties/underwear. I loved that they had any and every color/print you could dream of, plus, any girl knows that once you find that perfect fit everything else seems uncomfortable. So, since I'm trying to save money, I mostly pick up panties and underwear at target or discount stores. But I still frequent the VS website, because they have some really cute clothes. I've always wondered why they only do online sales when it comes to clothing. I would be in the store all the time if they carried some of jeans and tops they have online. The stores in my city recently started carrying some of the swimsuit styles so maybe the clothes are on their way too.

I went to do a quick scan of the site today but ended up staying for awhile. They had so much more cute stuff that I ever remember...so I decided to post all of my favorites here. They have GREAT sweaters and I feel like all of their stuff is pretty reasonably priced. The only downside to shopping the Victoria's Secret website is the fact that the amazingly beautiful women who model the underwear also model the clothes.

(i like both colors but i think i'd go for black, yellow, and green)

Report Over-the-Knee Boot
( i think i like the black the best, but for only $89 maybe both???)

(the matching scarf is detachable!)

I hope you enjoyed my picks!! I hope that some of these looks find their way under the tree with my name on it!

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