so, I know that I recently did a fall post which featured a few glove like articles, but I love gloves/mittens/arm warmers and such. They're fun to wear and you only get to for a few months out of the year. So that's my dumb logic for this post when really I just like online shopping. (plus..i've been down an out after having my wisdom teeth removed. i've been on the computer almost all day.)

You'll find more than mittens here and you'll be happy to know that everything featured isn't from etsy. I did get a few from there, but I went shopping for gloves everywhere. They're really in so I found plenty to look through. Here are my favorites.

(check out this entire Etsy shop. She has tons of cute gloves for sale!)

(these come in my favorite shade of yellow! click the link to check it out.)

The word mittens always brings to mind my adorable mother's favorite joke:

What happened after the cat ate the ball of yarn?
She had MITTENS!!!

I type that in all caps because she always says it louder and she always manages to make me laugh. Come to think of it she hasn't told it in a while. I wonder why that is?? Anyways, I think the word mittens is meep. That is all.

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