so the crisp air has set in and the leaves have all changed and I'm in fall clothes mode. I've organized my tights and dusted off my boots and I'm ready for coats and sweaters and such. I know I've mentioned this "fall fever" in one other post but Memphis can be finicky when it comes to seasons. Just when you think fall has come, the next week brings us sunshine and sweating...but I turned my heat on in the car this morning so I think it's safe to say that fall has officially set in.

When I was young I got so excited for the winter and fall seasons because my parents always took me shopping to get a few new things. As I got older I was able to supplement these shopping trips with my own money and often returned home feeling like I got a whole new wardrobe. Nowadays things aren't so rosy. My hard earned money goes towards silly things like food and shelter, leaving very little money left over. I plan to get most of my new winter things this season from thrift stores and such, but I went on an imaginary shopping spree at etsy.com just to fill the void.

Lately, I've only been shopping for clothes at discount stores (TJ, Plato's, etc.) and thrift stores. I chalk this up to my strained funds, but I'm finding that I enjoy shopping so much more. First, the money goes so much farther and I end up getting way more than if I'd blown my money at the mall. If I took $50 to my favorite thrift store on half-off day I'd probably need a U-haul instead of a bag. Also, when I find something really awesome it feels so much better. A few weeks ago I found a J. Crew jacket at Plato's Closet that looked like it had never even been tried on....original tags still in tact and only $12. I mean, how can it get any better than that. And, while, some of the stuff I find at the thrift store isn't perfect, a $2 box of RIT dye or a $4 alteration turns it into a one of a kind piece. I'm not saying that I don't lust over the shoes at Aldo or would turn down a gift card to Anthro....I'm just saying that my successful thrifting of late has really made me love it that much more. Expect to see some very cool stuff I've picked up lately over the next month in outfit posts (if i ever find my camera...which is a whole different story).

But, the point is, even if I had an endless shopping budget I think I'd still spend a lot of my time surfing etsy and browsing my local thrift stores. (I have this dream of taking a road trip around to the best thrift stores in the United States...omg wouldn't that just be the most fun evvver!) I will warn you...these picks will make you want to curl up by the fire with a pumpkin spice latte! (gotcha, you thought I was going to say hot chocolate didn't cha???)

this is a great (and easy) way to jazz up jeans and a tee. i love the colors here and the look of the heavy knit.

this is so cute to me but i can see how some wouldn't think so. it looks so warm and with bright tights or boots you could really make a statement. i also LOVE the paper airplanes on the wall in the background.

i like this skirt because it looks so dainty and polished but really it's made of comfy organic jersey! it comes in a million colors too.

this is awesome. i might get a little DIY and try this for myself. i've always loved shirts that look plain from the front but have interesting detail on the back.

i love this print. it reminds me of one of my favorite notebook scenes. you know..."if you're a bird, i'm a bird." aww it's been too long since i've seen that movie!

i have no words for how amazing these tights are. i LOVE them.

a great way to dress up a little black dress.

i have a very laid bak family, which i love, but i do wish we could have a formal thanksgiving or christmas dinner. you know the long table with candles lit and long dresses (or this one here) and ties...but this could just be me realizing that real life provides very few occasions for
prom-esque attire.

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