(is it just me or do my eyes look super creepy in this picture?)

so i've been really intrigued with the navy blue and purple combination this season. i don't own very much purple but i'm thinking about dying a few old pieces to my new favorite color. I got my nails done the other day and decided on a dark purplish color (OPI what are you wearing?) and (as stupid as it sounds) that's what inspired me to put this outfit together. I pulled an old blazer out of my "take to plato's closet" bag and it went from there. I hope to re-create this outfit when i have a more appropriate shirt to wear...i've had that pastel polo for-ev-errr.

I wore this outfit out and about...running errands, etc. I was really comfortable in it except for one small set back. It was a very windy day and the light fabric of the skirt didn't exactly hold up to the random gusts of wind. At first I wasn't expecting it so I'm pretty sure i flashed a few unsuspecting bystanders, but i got the problem under control eventually. The skirt has pockets so those helped a lot. I'd say I was quite red in the face at the time, but looking back I have to laugh. Oh, the perils of being fashionable. I did learn something though. Check the weather before stepping out in this outfit again...not tornado friendly.

pastel purple polo - Ralph Lauren via TJMaxx
navy blazer w/ purple accent - Old Navy
navy gingham skirt - Wal-Mart
purple suede booties - Nine West via TJMaxx

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