This weekend was really the first time it really felt like fall in my city. I can't say that i'm a huge fan of cold weather but i do enjoy the chance to wear sweaters and boots and tights! I've been dying to wear tights so i was super excited about the change in temperature. I spent the past weekend in my dingy home improvement clothes but did manage to get myself dressed twice. I'm putting both outfits in this post so you're getting two for the price of one this time!

black turtleneck - Target
houndstooth sweater vest - Target (thanks mom!)
dark jean skirt - Old Navy
maroon tights - ???
slouchy gray boots - bought on sale last season from Shoenami

gray sweater blanket (fashionable snuggie, haha) - Wal-Mart (shameful but cute)
pink deep-v dress - TJ Maxx
Tiffany-colored tights - by HUE from TJMaxx
slouchy gray boots - Shoenami

a better look at the jacket. i love this thing. it makes me feel like i'm still in bed under the covers. oh, and i guess you noticed the change in hair color too.

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