spotlight: collette dinnigan

so i know i said we were done with spring 2010 rtw updates but i came across a line i just had to share. Collette Dinnigan has had her own line since the early '90s, but i didn't know much about her....so i looked her up and man has this woman done a lot. she was born in New Zealand and began her career in Australia. it took little time for her to become an international success and she soon became the first Australian designer to have a full scale runway presentation during Paris fashion week. she has accepted countless notable fashion awards in Australia as well as internationally. even if you've never heard her name you'd most likely recognize some of her looks because she has dressed celebrities like Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, and Naomi Watts.

i've always been impressed with her clothing and this season's runway was no different. I love that she is able to create the common looks that every woman loves (professional, flirty, glam, etc.) but with something different, or something extra. Her clothing is beautifully made and the attention to detail is obvious.

you're fashion lesson is over for the day, on to the pretty stuff. (but at least you can say you learned something, right?)

brilliant, right? you can thank me later.

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