so i don't really watch a ton of TV. i'm a sucker for the paranormal shows, true life, intervention, etc. But i rarely watch something every week. I'm a flipper when it comes to TV. i'll watch part of the show and start flipping and forget what i was watching. I kinda have ADD when it comes to television shows....except for two things: The History Channel and The Biggest Loser. I recently upgraded my cable package from super basic to a much better bundle. I get way more channels now, but honestly i'm still figuring it out. When you don't have cable for a couple of years you miss out on a lot. While it may not be important, i was still so surprised at all the stuff i'd missed. (and how ridiculous some shows really are...like Kendra and the Kardashians. Those shows are train wrecks, i can't help but look.)

I'm rambling about TV for a very important reason. While doing my daily blog read I came across a new show that sounds absolutely mind blowing. SOUL PRETTY is a blog i love because she shares the most amazing design pictures and she keeps her posts short and sweet. She did a post on her favorite TV shows and included a new show called Man Shops Globe on the Sundance Channel. It's about Keith Johnson, buyer-at-large for Anthropologie, and his six-month long trip around the world searching for products and inspiration for the store to sell or re-create. This guy seriously has the best job in the world and putting it on TV is the best idea they've ever had.

Here's the problem. I don't have the Sundance Channel. That requires another, more expensive, upgrade. Hopefully it will go to DVD. Until then the cable company remains my arch nemesis.


  1. WOW...thanks for sharing! Man Shops Globe sounds awesome. Lovely blog!

  2. Check into AT&T's new cable tv called Uverse. It's not avaelable everywhere just yet. It's cheaper than comcast and it's cable not satallite. Great post.