I rarely try new things when it comes to skincare. I have ultra sensitive skin and now know that if it doesn't work for my skin it never will. I have to be very careful with what I use because often times using an astringent product or getting a facial done at a salon can really mess things up.

I now use Aveda skin care and absolutely love it. I've used the lotion since high school and a few years ago I went for it and added the cleanser and toner to my routine. I swear that I now have an addiction. If I go for even a week without it my face begins to rebel and the effects are obvious. Aveda is expensive, I'll admit, but the results just can't be beat.

I'm sharing all this lovely personal information because I've come across a product that I can't wait to try. While reading WWD I came across a story about a "beauty drink" called Glowelle that was being produced by Nestle. At first glance I was skeptical. (I may have even scoffed.) I couldn't believe that there was a drink for brightening and protecting skin. I realized I was being ridiculous when I remembered that there are drinks out there for "slowing ya roll" and candies with carbonation and caffeine.

What intrigues me about Glowelle is that it claims to protect your skin while making it look better, which is what I'm concerned about. I'm going to the beach next week and I spend that time enjoying myself and relaxing, but in a very different way. A few years back I stopped sunbathing all together. I enjoy sitting on the beach with a book, but 75SPF and a large t-shirt comes along with me. I'd love to get this product in order to just have one more shield between me and the "free radicals".

I can say that I'm still not 100% convinced that this gives any kind of benefit but having natural ingredients and only 100 calories really makes me want to give it a try. Let me know what you think, if you've already tried it!! I'll revisit this topic with a critique after I've determined it's personal worth, but I want to hear from anyone who has already used it!

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