The worst luck hit me the other day. I was shopping online, going back to get a few things I had bookmarked and just couldn't pass up. The first purchase was to be made from Anthropologie. I went to the site and placed the two items in my shopping cart. Both items were grossly on sale and I was a bit surprised to see my size remained in both items. Surprised but HELLA excited none the less. Both items were were discounted from $258 to $59.95.

Once I loaded them into my shopping cart I absentmindedly clicked over to another tab to do god knows what....quick e-mail check, short youtube video....i can't remember. Needless to say. I went back to my cart minutes later and clicked to finalize my order and give myself a pat on the back for being such a great bargain shopper....and then the tragedy.

In the minutes that I navigated away from my shopping, the swimsuit sold out in my size. I was so upset, because it's not like e-bay where you are battling for a bargain, sitting waiting to click bid. I had this product in my cart and my credit card out. This would be like checking out at the store and someone coming over and stealing it from the cashier as it's placed in your bag.

I really don't think this should be allowed. I guess I should be a little bit more urgent about my great finds. Trust me, this will never happen to me again. I wish I knew who bought it up...I think they owe me an apology.

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