I scrolled through a lot of dresses from an awards show. I didn't actually watch it, nor do I watch the shows it was honoring. I'm always happy to look at fancy dresses, but then came my disappointment.

these are the only two dresses I even remotely liked...

Emily Deschanel in Max Azria Atelier

January Jones in Atelier Versace with Mui Mui shoes

Maybe this makes me seem like a fashion snob, but I have my reasoning. It's quite simple. The pretty dresses were poorly fit and the ugly dresses, well, they were just ugly.

Fit makes or breaks an outfit, no matter how skinny you are or what body type you have. Haven't you ever been shopping online and fallen completely in love with a dress/shirt/anything....you bee bop to the store to try it out and most likely buy and then...doom. You rip it off the shelf and briskly walk (run) to the fitting room. Do I even have to say what comes next? You hate it, you can't get it off fast enough. Then your heart sinks and you sulk out of the store.

Fit will ALWAYS kill an outfit no matter how Meep it is, and that includes a $100,000 designer gown. Hopefully the next pointless award show will give me more to work with.

Oh wow. I almost forgot the best one.
Betty White is Meep.


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  1. I do love both of these... the dress I hated more than almost anything I've ever seen? Anna Paquin. Or maybe I just dislike her...

    I l-o-v-e-d Lea Michelle's Oscar de la Renta. Slash the color looked insane on her and I love a good ruffle. And Tina Fey's dress made my heart happy. Yet another de la Renta.

    As for Betty, I just love her. And you. XOXO.