spotlight: cynthia steffe

so here's the first spotlight as promised. i've loved this label for some time but the past few shows have been just "ehhh". i'd like to think that period is over after seeing this show but we'll have to wait and see. all past aside, though, i really love the colors and silhouettes in this spring line and Shaun Kearney (the current designer of the line, cynthia steffe left in 2006) really seems to have properly channeled the look that defines this line. i love that he has managed to properly mingle flirty, relaxed, and girly and the colors and light fabric really allow for that. my favorite looks are here but if you'd like to check out the entire runway show go here.

pairing overall with heels = sexy!

great color plus ruffles. i'm in love.

great texture here. i love 3D clothing.
this is one of my favorite colors. reminds me of Tiffany's.
i love this color combo.

this looks so comfy and i love that it has an uneven hem.

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