so i went downtown one day last week to pick up my first check from my new job and it took a lot less time than i thought it would. American Apparel is only a few blocks away and i hadn't been there in so long....and honestly i haven't really been shopping in a real store in a while. I had some extra cash so i thought i'd go look around and just check it out. my rules are if you don't try anything on you can't buy anything. I made my plan to only spend a few minutes looking and try on NOTHING. Needless to say that didn't happen and luckily i had the extra cash because i loved all the stuff i tried on SO much i ended up spending almost $100. This new outfit came at a perfect time though because my boyfriend and i were planning to go out to eat...and i like to look cute (DUH.). Plus, what's more american than overspending to look good??? Maybe eating apple pie but i'm sure overspending is a close second.

so here it is. the whole outfit is from AA except for the shoes and jewelry.

Black Chambray Jumpsuit
Circle Vest in marigold (everyone needs one of these, so brilliant and easy to make!)
Elastic Clasp Belt in deep purple

black peep toe patent leather heels by BCBG
clear three strand necklace from Express

(sorry for the poor picture quality...my camera has kind of started to suck and i think i need to get a tripod. any camera junkies out there?? please lead me down the right path.)

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