i really don't get out much. i used to LOVE going out on the town and staying out until the wee hours of the morning but lately i've been staying in more than usual. so these days when i do go out i enjoy getting all dressed up. i've really gone way past the "over dressed" worries and now allow myself to wear whatever i want. the bars and events i usually go to are the jeans and t-shirts type...but i don't mind. i tend to stand out when i get all dressed up because of this reason. the old me would have been horrified by the strange looks i sometimes get but at some point i realized that it just doesn't matter. because, really, me being happy is all that matters and i love getting dressed up!

there is a point to this........

last weekend i went to my boyfriend's show at a bar that he plays at all the time. this bar is the aforementioned "jeans and t-shirt" type of place. i did my normal routine and put together something really cute to wear. while waiting for the band to start two of my friends that i often hang out with at shows paid me the biggest compliment anyone in my life has ever given. Shannon and Rhi turned to me and said "You know what Lindy, you are pretty much our real-life Carrie Bradshaw."

maybe to you this seems silly, being compared to a fictional character, but to me it was exactly what i needed to hear. While watching sex and the city has done a lot of things for me.....provided entertainment, helped me to appreciated all types of fashion, schooled me obscure and dirty topics.....the thing i take from it more than anything is learning the importance of being yourself and not being ashamed of it. The main focus of my life is becoming the person i know i can be but in my opinion only and no one else's.

so i'd like to thank those girls for helping me to re-realize exactly why i cherish my individuality and confidence more than anything else. the compliment was directly related to what i had on but i translated it into so much more.

here's the outfit that warranted the lovely comments

Mossimo tank top from Target
Pink belt from thrift store
Skirt with pockets from Wal-Mart
Steve Madden ruffle wedges from Macy's
Name Plate Necklace from girlshop.com (r.i.p.)

I got the shoes the day of the show on sale at Macy's. I had a gift card left over from my birthday so they were pretty much free. I love them because they are super high but super comfortable and 70% off.

don't second guess the choices that you know are right. follow your heart and never let anyone make you feel like being yourself is wrong or not enough.

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