so the fall and winter seasons are upon us and i'm so excited about blogging about cute coats and scarves and boots, etc. i can't say i'm a fan of cold weather but i am, of course, a huge fan of the clothes that come with it. one of my favorites for winter is anything houndstooth. now, no one said this was a winter thing i just think it belongs there. houndstooth can be cute any time of the year but i think it translates much better into winter wear than summer.

i went to etsy.com and searched houndstooth and came away with some really cute stuff. (disclaimer: i have yet to buy anything from this list but if i didn't have bills to pay all of this would be mine.) I love the versatility of houndstooth. it looks good in any color and when it comes in the more muted prints those can be paired with plenty of color to make it pop. check out some of the cool stuff i found and go buy it so i can be secretly jealous of you when i see you wearing it (and then subsequently ask to borrow it)!

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