i saw this outfit and i really liked it....so i made it my own. thank god for making time to sit down at the computer and look at how other girls are incorporating fashion into everyday life. i really feel so lucky to have the Internet as a creative outlet and to be privileged to look into people's lives that i never have and never will meet. Being inspired is the the most euphoric feeling one can create and while finding that in people you don't know may seem odd; to me it is the epitome of whimsical.

picnic table tank . gap
flowing sweater . will smith via tjmaxx
skinnies . seven
gleaming shoes . toms
bag . thrift
necklace . k&g superstore
bow belt . old navy
bracelet . handmade leather from trulli/alberobello, italy

is that not the most amazing thrift find ever. angel kisslock in perfect condition, plenty of room for lots of stuff. i almost cried when i spotted this.

windy city.

"Don't part with your illusions.
When they are all gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live." - Mark Twain

i've been dreaming to this song. typical. amazing music video.

and, yes, i bought the deluxe version of this greatness.

girl fight.
product placement.
paint spiderman hands.
her body (hello, milf)
def leopard font.

i will always love britney. no questions asked.
hitmebabyonemoretime."i'm a virgin".cry me a river.slave for you.kfed.toxic.bald w/ umbrella.
love her.

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