New Year, new you...right? I have plenty of resolutions this year to make myself a better person and my life more manageable. Here's hoping that I can keep them.

gym membership

working harder

playing harder

apartment decorating

eating healthy

more meep-worthy outfits


like this one!!

This is my casual NYE outfit. I didn't do anything fancy and I made plans late. The weather was less than desirable and wreaked havoc on my hair. (I had a carrot top situation on my hands, not meep.) I didn't let it get me down and threw something together.

tunic: old navy via thrift
blue tights: HUE via tjmaxx
boots: K&G super store
necklace: express
coat: Michael Kors

surprise! two-toned!
(keeps it from looking like I have smurf leg)

rain coat was a must. It thunder stormed all night. I would know. I stayed up way past my bedtime.

peach champagne, beer pong, laughing.
happy new (better) year!

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