I was asked to house sit for a friend who has some serious style. Of course her house was adorable but I didn't expect anything less. She had some amazing vintage stuff and she told me she had been collecting for years (everything from radios to kitchen accessories). Her house tells a story through all of the interesting art and trinkets she's compiled. I enjoyed staying in her world for a few days and it only fueled my aspirations to one day have a fabulous/stylish house to suit my tastes.

I'm pretty sure I had dreams about being Don Draper's wife while staying there too.

One of the nights I stayed over I went out to a party. It was rumored to be the destination for a very large group of foreign exchange students from the university. I'm always up for an outfit challenge so I went as american as I could without putting on a flag shirt and a mullet wig.

picnic table shirt - Gap Outlet
black skirt - american apparel
gold cowboy boots - steve madden
necklace - K&G Superstore
glasses - Anne et Valentine

(notice my sweet upgrade on the hair-do. pink!!)

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