I can't believe that, once again, it was time for my birthday and I'm a year older. I find that each year I meet the looming birthday with less and less enthusiasm. Maybe this is a mid-twenties funk or learning the realities of getting older, but all I know is that if I feel this way when I'm 23, I'm going to be camped out on the couch with a bucket of ice cream and a box of tissues at 30.

I did realize however that putting on a cute outfit, going to share time with family, and eating some really yummy food is a great way to sneak out of that dark place of "OMG, is this where I thought I'd be at this age??" I guess I can use this post as reference when 30 is upon me and I'm gearing up for my sad night of self pity.

Teal Dress - Forever 21
Flower Necklace - K&G (my newest bargain shopping heaven)
Shoes - Stuart Weitzman via K&G

I loved the back lace detail on this dress. Anything that adds a breezy-ness to clothing is a good thing. It has been sticky-hot here and the night of my birthday was no exception.

I'm mildly obsessed with these right now. Paying 1/3 of the original price may have something to do with that.

I want to eat is all again.

Chris carried my purse and gift for me when we were leaving. The wind was blowing quite hard and since my dress was the length of a night gown I really needed to focus on not flashing the nice patrons who choose to eat outside. I had to capture this because 1) what a great boyfriend and 2) it's my new Marc by Marc Jacobs bag that I bought "hand me down" from a friend at work. It's giant and beautiful and I love it. (that box in his hand holds the gift from my parents. A kindle! I'm so excited about it and, so far, I would recommend that everyone have one)

my sweet parents

my sis and brother in law

The whole crew. Notice that the Luckett ladies know how to pose :)
All in all I had a great birthday. I'm glad that I embraced the day and had fun with it. I'll have to remind myself of that next year except for maybe a whole week in advance this time.

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