SOOOOO sorry for the slow down in meep here lately. I've recently taken on a full time job and it keeps me busier than I ever imagined. In other news I had a "sad mac" situation and my computer is totally dead. Those are horrible excuses but I'm back on top of it now. You're lives will be full or meep once again very soon I promise.

My new job is at an eyewear boutique and I simply love it, thus far. Yes, it has it's stressful situations and not so nice customers but I've been opened up to the posh and chic world of eyeglasses/sunglasses that I had never really explored before. I'm pulled towards this because it is so much more than looking cute. Glasses design is restricted by the science that is your vision. You can't just dream something up and put it on your face...it has to incorporate so many different aspects to be a functional accessory.

I also never realized how intensely creative designers could be in this grouping. I've seen a pair of glasses in amazing shape from the 1920s, frames made of naturally harvested buffalo horn, and glasses you can bend around to lay flat on a table. The intricate designs and color combinations will surely amaze you too.

Plume by Anne et Valentine

(my most recent pair!)

Caline by Theo

another frame by Theo

bi-cycle by Theo

Linda Farrow for House of Holland

(this is plexiglass! so cool.)

Linda Farrow for Dries van Noten

frame by Aviva

spider sunwear by Alain Mikli

Also, I just resubmitted for my subscription to Women's Wear Daily. Hooray for Meep!

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